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Aims and Objectives

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Ing. Václav Dvořák
12. 2. 2007
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Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives


Agribusiness is a large and diverse industry which is growing in the Czech Republic as the economy expands. It is an industry that brings together within the food chain, the supply of inputs to agriculture, agricultural production, the processing of outputs - of food and industrial products, its distribution, marketing and retailing. This MBA in Agribusiness Management will support all of those involved in this industry to develop their careers and their businesses.
It is specifically designed to give an international focus to your understanding of Agribusiness. This is particularly important as Czech Republic prepares for accession to the EU and multinational companies increase their involvement in Czech Agribusiness sector. The course will be taught in Czech and English to give this international perspective. Course participants will be expected to develop their English language skills to a level that allows them to read business reports written in English and contribute at a professional level to discussions conducted in the English language.
The course aims to enhance the students career in international Agribusiness by giving a clear understanding of the principles and practice of management as it has developed in Europe, America and Japan. Students, on completion of the course, will be ready to make a greater contribution to the management of their existing organisation and be capable of developing a successful and satisfying career elsewhere. Specifically, the course aims to give students :

   1. an understanding of economic principles and their effect on business
   2. the ability to use effectively business management techniques in an international environment.
   3. the opportunity to generate and communicate ideas
   4. to access and use business information efficiently and accurately
   5. experience in marketing and the development of marketing plans to suit a range of market situations
   6. a knowledge of accounting principles
   7. confidence in the preparation and use of business accounts
   8. an appreciation of international finance and financial management strategies
   9. understanding of international Agribusiness and its importance to Czech Republic
  10. the opportunity to prepare, as part of their final management project, a thorough analysis of a business situation
  11. ability and confidence to get more from themselves and from others
  12. leadership skills

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